Putting it Together

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Okay, so it’s yesterday afternoon, and it’s time for mom’s salon experience. It is, I believe, written into the Philippine constitution that all Women Of A Certain Age must have Hair Above A Certain Height. You can check that if you like. Get back to me.

Mom gets a Pilipina pace.

So, mom hits the salon. She gets the hair. Check! PLUS, she gets makeup. This is an event. The last time mom had her makeup done by someone other than herself was in the 1980s, when, in a fit of whimsy, she allowed a Bloomingdales salesgirl to turn her into an Asian Joan Collins. She immediately went home and wiped it off.

(Ironically, in recent years, Joan Collins has also had facial work that turned her into an Asian Joan Collins.)

So, they teased and sprayed and teased and sprayed. And then they teased and sprayed. Meticulously and beautifully. And then they painted. And she looked gorgeous! They even gave her eyebrows right out of a Hurrell photo of Joan Crawford. My mother, it seems, must turn into a Joan when she has makeup applied.

We’re all suited up. On to the Ceremony.

Obligatory posing. Click on the thumbnails for The Big Pix. XOX, DC

He went to art school and he shoots in front of a gauzy window. Genius.

What a cutie. Isn't he a cutie?

Mom doesn't really like to smile in photos. I consider it a personal triumph when she does.

I really wanted her to slide down the balustrade like Lucy in Mame. But who wants to emulate Lucy in Mame?

Nothing snarky to say here. I like this one.

Rare to catch mom preening. It's a nice moment.

adminPutting it Together