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It’s about 6am Manila time, and Peter is happily snoring in the bed behind me. Naturally, I’m screwing about on the computer, seeing if I can set up this blog for family and friends to follow this crazy adventure. This is new. To paraphrase Catherine Tate, “Who, dear? Blog, dear? Us, dear? NO, dear…” But what the hell…

First of all, to all you folks who expressed concern—we love you. Thankfully, we’re in Manila, on the island of Luzon. The devastating floods happened on Mindanao, to the south. Terrible, awful thing. But we’re okay.

SO… I really can’t believe we arrived here just 24 hours ago. I feel like we’ve been here a week. Of course, we left on Sunday and now it’s Wednesday… Say whaaaaa? Rod Serling is our Travel Agent.

Me and Miss Mabuhay!

16 hours on the plane. Thank heaven for Mabuhay Class. (Mabuhay class is represented in this post by the pubescent 2D lady in the photo… the one who isn’t me. I call her “Miss Mabuhay.”)

Strangely enough, the flight to Manila gave me and Pete the best hours of sleep we’ve had in weeks. The days leading up to the trip (Pete’s run in Three Sisters, my finals period, getting client work out the door, prepping the house for the kitchen demolition…) had made us slightly, um, comatose. Plane+Ambien=Good. Woke up in Guam. Thank you, Miss Mabuhay!

Arrived in Manila, were whisked off by Cousin Lulu and Cousin Victor and Cousin-Once-Removed Migz, and checked in to the Makati Shangri-La. Crazy gorgeous. While mom napped, Pete and I went across the street to the Glorietta and SM malls. Um… These are superinsane malls on steroids. Local crafts, high-end scent knockoffs, baked goods, clothing, luggage, fruit, electronics, all jumbled together for miles. More on that later, I hope, with pix.

We stopped in the hotel salon. Richard, our über-charming grooming specialist, shaved our faces (and my head) meticulously while charmingly trying to get us to hire his brother to tour the local scenic spots. All while winking a lot. Charming.

That said, I must say that Filipinos are the most fantastically gracious people ever… No, seriously.

And then on to The Big Event. Mom’s award dinner. That comes in the next post.